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CLASS B96 / B96 / F17)

Dear interested parties,

Below you can see our prices for the "B96 - driver's license". This is an "extension" of the existing class B driver's license, the key number B96. The driving lessons for this are driven with an automatic / switch vehicle.

Here, too, the prices are completely identical between our manual vehicles and the automatic vehicles .

Training for a “Class B96 driver's license at 17” is just as expensive.

According to Annex 7a to § 6a Paragraph 3 FeV, the theoretical training material comprises at least 2.5 hours of 60 minutes, the practical training material at least 3.5 hours of 60 minutes, the practical driving exercises in real traffic per participant at least 1 hour of 60 minutes.

The training driving instructor may only hand over the certificate of attendance upon successful completion. If the training goal is not achieved, the participant must complete additional training hours

There is no need to take a theory test or a practical test.

The prices do not include the general fees for the district office, passport photo and eye test.

(including VAT.)

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