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Here you will find the most important tips and tricks to get your driver's license as quickly as possible and get started.

1. Start early

Do you want to have your driver's license in your hands on time for your birthday? Then you should register in good time, because if you want your driver's license at a certain point in time, you should register at the driving school six months in advance. The approval of the driving license application can take some time. And the theoretical and practical training naturally also takes a certain amount of time.

2. Take advantage of the holiday season

It's great to start during the holidays because you don't have to prepare for class work. So you can concentrate much better on the driver's license and learn much faster. With us you can book special courses with which you get to your destination carefree.

3. Traffic training area

Every applicant for a driver's license, regardless of age, should have been to a traffic training area at least once. The best thing to do is to ask your parents if they'll take some time for you.

As a novice driver, you can try out how it all works without being disturbed and stress-free at the traffic training area.

The start-up and the shifting processes have to be tried out.

4. Sufficient driving lessons

Of course, nobody wants to pay unnecessarily much for a driver's license. If you take the practical test too early, you run a higher risk of failing.

It is best to ask your driving instructor if you need a few more hours.

5. Theory is important! It is the cornerstone for the practical lessons.

You should plan a total of 20-30 hours for learning theory.

Once you have understood the basics of the theory, you will need fewer driving lessons.

And your driving instructor can concentrate fully with you on vehicle operation / road traffic management / hazard theory.

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